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Protein Structural Analysis Laboratory Publications

Michigan State University

Model for how monoclonal antibody 3D6 (yellow and green tubes) can recognize a helical peptide (blue) in Brugia malayi asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase and neutralize its enzymatic activity by occluding the active site.  See M. A. Kron et al. (2008), under Publications.
Protein Structural Analysis Laboratory


SimSite 3D analysis of similarity of glutathione S transferase binding sites from diverse isoforms & species (Van Voorst & Kuhn, 2009). Joseph Bemister-Buffington, Alex J. Wolf, Sebastian Raschka and Leslie A. Kuhn (2020) "Machine Learning to Identify Flexibility Signatures of Class A GPCR Inhibition", Biomolecules, in press.

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Supplementary Data 1 (hSLFN12 N-terminal domain PDB)
Supplementary Data 2 (hSLFN12 C-terminal domain PDB)
Supplementary Data 3 (hSerpinB12 PDB)
Supplementary Data 4 (Additional GTPase-like domain functions)

S. Raschka, A. J. Wolf, J. Bemister-Buffington, and L. A. Kuhn (2018) "Protein-ligand interfaces are polarized: Discovery of a strong trend for intermolecular hydrogen bonds to favor donors on the protein side with implications for predicting and designing ligand complexes", J. Comp.-Aided Molec. Design 32(4), 511-528.

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Supporting Information (pdf)

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Supplementary Materials(pdf)

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Supplementary Materials (doc)

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Supporting Materials (pdf)

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(Figures) (pdf)
Supplementary Materials (pdf)

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(Figures) (pdf)
Supplementary Materials (pdf)

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Supplementary Materials (pdf)

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