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Protein Structural Analysis Laboratory Alumni

Michigan State University
502C Biochemistry Building
E. Lansing, MI 48824-1319

Ph: (517) 353-8745  Fax: (517) 353-9334

Model for how monoclonal antibody 3D6 (yellow and green tubes) can recognize a helical peptide (blue) in Brugia malayi asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase and neutralize its enzymatic activity by occluding the active site.  See M. A. Kron et al. (2008), under Publications.
Protein Structural Analysis Laboratory

Research Group Alumni

Paul, Matt, and Jeff at ACS

If you are an alumnus of the lab, please drop us a line to update your contact information and let us know what you've been up to!

Name Title in PSA Lab MSU Degree Period (Year-Month) Current Position
Casey Borowsky Undergraduate Research Assistant 18-Aug to 19-Apr Undergraduate Researcher, Henry Lab, Michigan State University
Jiaxing Chen, M.S. Graduate Research Assistant 17-Feb to 18-July Graduate Research Assistant, Bioinformatics & Genomics,
Pennsylvania State University
Sebastian Raschka, Ph.D. Research Assistant Ph.D. 12-Aug to 18-Aug Assistant Professor, Statistics,
University of Wisconsin, Madison
Joseph Bemister-Buffington Research Assistant B.S. 13-Jan to 17-Aug Scientific Analyst, Accenture
Orlando, FL
Alex Wolf Professorial Assistant B.S. 14-Sep to 17-May Quality Analyst,
Auto Owners Insurance, Lansing, MI
John Johnston Systems Administrator M.S. 8-Dec to 15-Jun Bioinformatics Domain Specialist,
Michigan State University
Nan Liu, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Ph.D. 12-Jan to 15-May Cognitive Software Engineer
IBM, San Jose, CA
Eric Boerman Professorial Assistant B.S. 13-Sept to 14-May Theater Design,
Michigan State University
Santosh Gunturu Undergraduate Researcher B.S. 12-Jan to 13-Aug Information Technologist,
Ribosomal Database Project, MSU
Kristopher Opron Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 12-Dec to 13-Feb Bioinformatics Analyst,
University of Michigan Health Services
Stacey Kneeshaw Undergraduate Research Student B.S. 11-May to 12-Jun Research Specialist I,
Medical University of South Carolina
Leann Buhrow, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Ph.D. 07-Aug to 12-Dec Postdoctoral Fellow,
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Matthew Tonero Graduate Research Assistant Defended Ph.D. 05-Mar to 10-Dec Resident, Veterinary Internal Medicine, Univ. Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Jeffrey Van Voorst, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant Ph.D. 06-Jan to 10-Dec Principal Software Engineer,
Veritas Technologies LLC, Minneapolis, MN
Hussein Hejase Undergraduate Research Student B.S., M.S. 11-Jan to 11-May Researcher, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Laurel Hollow, NY
Qinghui Yuan Graduate Rotation Student   10-Sep to 10-Nov Pharmaceutical Equity
Analyst, Beijing
Sandeep Namilikonda, M.S. Graduate Research Asst. M.S. 04-Aug to 08-Dec Director of Integrations, The Rainmaker Group,
Atlanta, GA
Fadhiru Kamba Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 07-Nov to 08-Feb Lecturer, Makerere University, College of Health Sciences, Uganda
Chetan Sukuru, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assist. Ph.D. 03-Feb to 07-Dec Research Informatics Manager,
Amgen, Cambridge, MA
Rachel Szpond Undergraduate Research Student B.S. 07-May to 07-Aug Regulatory Affairs Coordinator,
Enymedica, Sarasota, FL
Anjali Rohatgi Goldwater Scholar B.S. 05-May to 07-Jul M.D., Movement Disorder Center, Washington Univ., St. Louis
Hanna El Chemmas Undergraduate Research Student B.S. 06-May to 07-Apr Pharmacist,
Ithaca, NY
Katie Frank Graduate Rotation Student 06-Jan to 06-Apr Ph.D. Student,
Physiology, MSU
Sean Law Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 05-Oct to 06-Feb Data Scientist,
Ameritrade, Ann Arbor
Wendy Chen Undergraduate Independent Study B.S. 05-Aug to 05-Dec Graduate Student
York University
Maria Zavodszky, Ph.D. Research Associate Ph.D. 00-Jan to 05-Jul Senior Scientist
Biogen, Cambridge, MA
Sameer Arora, M.S. Graduate Research Asst. M.S. 02-Nov to 05-Jul Drawbridge Cloud Services,
Microsoft, Inc., Redmond, WA
Andrew Stumpf Graduate Rotation Student M.S. 03-Jan to 04-Dec Attorney and Shareholder, Butzel Long, Ann Arbor, MI
Litian He Systems Administrator M.S. 03-Jan to 04-Dec Business Ops Principal, Dell EMC, Marlborough, MA
Erica Scheller Undergraduate Research Awardee B.S. 03-May to 04-Sep Asst. Professor
Washington University School of Medicine
Kanchan Champhekar Pavangadkar Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 03-May to 03-Aug Undergraduate Advisor, Neurosciences,
James Johnson, Jr., Ph.D. Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 03-Feb to 03-May Postdoctoral Fellow,
Batey Lab, University of Colorado, Boulder
Soledad Quiroz Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 03-Feb Biotechnology Program Advisor,
Universidad Santo Tomas, Chile
Rajesh Korde, M.S. System Administrator & Scientific Programmer M.S. 99-Sep to 02-Dec Principal Data Scientist,
Microsoft Inc., Redmond, WA
A.J. Rader, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assist. Ph.D. 98-Sep to 02-Dec Director of Data Science, DMC Insurance, Inc., Indianapolis, IN
Brandon M. Hespenheide, Ph.D. Graduate Student Ph.D. 97-May to 03-Jan Reporting and Analytics Manager, USI Insurance Services, Southfield, MI
Paul C. Sanschagrin, Ph.D. Graduate Student Ph.D. 95-May to 01-Dec Support Specialist,
Schrodinger, LLC
Trevor Barkham Undergraduate Research Fellow Ph.D.. 1999 to 2001 Principal, Barkham's Craft Cider and Spirits, LLC, Oakland, MI
Michael Raymer, Ph.D. Graduate Student Ph.D. 94-May to 00-Sep Professor, Computer
Science, Wright State University, Dayton, OH
Nan Song Graduate Rotation Student 00-Sep to 00-Dec Bioinformatist,
Precision Therapeutics, Pittsburgh, PA
Harini Krishnamurthy Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 00-Feb to 00-May Associate Principal Scientist, Merck Research Labs,
Philadelphia Area
Volker Schnecke, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow 97-Mar to 99-Dec Big Data Analytic Specialist, Novo Nordisk, Copenhagan, Denmark
Mahesh Krishnaswamy Graduate Rotation Student 99-Feb to 99-Jun Project Lead, Google,
Bay Area, CA
Amy Cayemberg McQuade Professorial Assistant,
Undergraduate Research Student
B.S. 95-Dec to 96-Dec
98-Oct to 99-May
Clinical Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy and Curriculum Coordinator,
Carroll University
Yi Yang Graduate Rotation Student M.S. 99-Feb to 99-May Staff Scientist,
Sugen, Inc.
Matt Larson Graduate Rotation Student M.S. 98-Jul to 98-Sep Bioinformatics Specialist and Database Administrator,
Vishal Thakkar, M.S. Graduate Research Assist. M.S. 96-Nov to 98-May Principal Architect,
Microsoft, Inc., Redmond, WA
David Holstius Professorial Assistant B.S. 97-Aug to 98-May Senior Advanced Projects Advisor at Bay Area Air Quality Management District,
Bay Area, CA
Michael Dahn Undergraduate Research Fellow B.S. 98-Jan to 98-May Engineer,
Carrie Barkham Professorial Assist.,
Undergraduate Research Fellow
D.V.M. 94-Aug to 97-May Veterinarian, Paint Creek Animal Clinic, Imlay City, MI
Wayne Anderson Graduate Rotation Student & Research Asst. M.S. 94-Nov to 95-Feb
97-Jan to 97-May
Staff Scientist,
Samit Sureka Graduate Rotation Student 96-Aug to 96-Nov
Tharuna Niranjan Graduate Assistant M.S. 96-Jan to 96-Jul Engineering Leadership, Software Development
Sridhar Venkataraman Graduate Rotation Student Ph.D. 95-Feb to 95-May Independent Biotech Specialist,
Bengaluru, India